What are the documents needed to open a Fixed Deposit?

For individuals:

  • A duly completed FD application
  • Individual CDD & If joint need separately 
  • Copy of NIC / Valid Passport / Valid Driving License
  • If the depositor’s address differs with the NIC/DL, a utility bill or a copy of a bank statement with the current address (in the name of deposit holder) of the depositor issued within 3 months of the date of deposit.
  • Certified copy of Power of Attorney (If required)
  • Copy of nominee NIC (If required)
  • Apart from the passport, need a copy of the residential visa permit for foreigners (the residential visa permit should be valid for over 180 days).

For Others (Partnership firms, Private and Public Limited Companies, Specified Associations, Societies, Trusts):

  • Duly completed FD application
  • Copy of the registration of the entity
  • Corporate CDD form
  • Individual CDD forms from Directors / Authorized signatories.
  • Certified copies (certified by company secretary) of NIC’s of Directors / authorized signatories
  • Certified copies (certified by company secretary) of the resolutions / minutes confirming decision taken to place a fixed deposit with People’s Leasing & Finance PLC.
  • Certified copies (certified by company secretary)
  • Other relevant documents are should be submitted as mentioned in the application form.