PLC Launches Ground-breaking Digital Initiatives: eDoc and eReceipts, Pioneering Sustainability and Digital Transformation in Sri Lanka’s Financial Sector

Sri Lanka’s leading non-banking financial services provider, People’s Leasing & Finance PLC (PLC), recently announced the launch of two networkwide digital initiatives, PLC eDoc and PLC eReceipts. These systems mark a significant stride for PLC towards further strengthening its digital infrastructure. The move also further cements PLC’s commitment to sustainability, aligning with its overarching goal of reducing its carbon footprint while enhancing customer convenience. The total solution that is eDoc and eReceipt was designed and developed by PLC’s homegrown Software ICT Development Team, demonstrating the company’s commitment to technological innovation and digital enablement.

Accordingly, PLC eDoc is a milestone achievement in streamlining operations and minimizing paper consumption. This revolutionary product offers customers and the business a centralized portal to access and manage all electronic documents, seamlessly. From traditional receipts to SMS communications and customer correspondences, PLC eDoc consolidates diverse document types into a user-friendly platform.

Complementing this digital platform, PLC eReceipts offer customers a modern alternative to traditional paper receipts. Through digital delivery via SMS messages and unique web URLs, PLC eReceipts ensure instant access to transaction details anytime, anywhere. Customers can conveniently download and share their digital receipts as well, eliminating the need for physical copies and reducing paper waste.

Prabath Gunasena – Senior Deputy General Manager – IT of People’s Leasing & Finance PLC commented saying, “The rollout of these digital solutions reflects our deep commitment to fostering a sustainable, green future. Through a reduction in our reliance on paper, we are both promoting environmentally-friendly practices, and delivering a seamless and convenient customer experience. Thus, the introduction of eDoc and eReceipts reflects our unwavering dedication to digital transformation and environmental stewardship.”

As a result of digitizing manual documents and embracing paperless operations, PLC is achieving its dual objective of improving operational efficiency and furthering its sustainability goals. By providing customers with efficient digital solutions, PLC is also demonstrating its leadership in driving the digital transformation within the non-bank financial services industry in Sri Lanka.