Super Savings

Enjoy Super Savings with competitive interest rates with the best security.

Main Benefits

  • 4.50% p.a with interest calculated on a daily basis and credited at the end of the month.
  • Visa international debit card enabling cash withdrawals from any of People’s Bank teller machines or any of Visa compliant teller machines.
  • Debit withdrawals up to Rs.100, 000/- per day or purchases (POS) up to Rs.150, 000/- per day.
  • SMS notification facility for every transaction such as deposits, withdrawals and performance of standing orders.
  • Door to door savings cash collection service.
  • Free standing order facilities.
  • Cheque deposits drawn in favor of account holder.
  • Deposit and withdraw cash from any of the PLC branches in our network.
  • Super Investment Plan to get a fixed amount in a desired period.