People’s Leasing & Finance PLC Wins Best Commercial at 29th Sumathi Awards for ‘Api Eka Karale Wee’ Campaign

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC (PLC), Sri Lanka’s leading non-banking financial services provider, received the Sumathi Award for Best Commercial of the Year at the 29th Sumathi Awards 2024. The honour recognizes PLC’s impactful Independence Day campaign, “Api Eka Karale Wee,” crafted by Agency Words Advertising.

Highlighting the significance of the achievement, Shamindra Marcelline, CEO at PLC, expressed, “We, as the leading player in the market, felt compelled to spread positivity and create something uplifting for Sri Lankans. Our initiative goes beyond business objectives, aiming to support our fellow citizens during this pivotal moment in our history. This concept embodies the unity we should all embrace as Sri Lankans.”

Furthermore, Rohan Rajaratnam, Managing Director of Words stated, “We are honoured to have contributed to this meaningful campaign, emphasizing unity and positivity within our nation. Collaborating with PLC to convey this message has been a privilege, and we are grateful for the recognition by the Sumathi Awards. We remain committed to supporting Sri Lankans as we strive together for a prosperous future.”

The “Api Eka Karale Wee” campaign was strategically launched to coincide with the 75th Independence Day celebrations, aiming to address issues arising from recent adversities, including the Easter bombings and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through symbolic representations of various rice dishes, each reflecting a different race but united under the common cultural element of ‘WEE KARALA,’ the campaign sought to emphasize the shared identity of all Sri Lankans. By celebrating diversity and unity, particularly through the universal symbol of rice, the campaign aimed to foster a sense of togetherness and understanding among citizens.

Positioning PLC as a socially responsible brand committed to uplifting the nation, the campaign aimed to showcase PLC as a local brand that supports and embraces all Sri Lankans. Leveraging diverse communication channels, the campaign maximized outreach and engagement, effectively conveying the message of unity and solidarity to stakeholders at all levels.