Auto Loan

Get your dream vehicle with the least hassle and stay stress-free with this easy solution, applicable to cars, vans, dual cabs and SUVs.


  • Negotiable repayment period.
  • Attractive interest rates and minimum monthly instalment set only up to the interest applicable for the particular month.
  • Apply as individual/joint or corporates.
  • Loan repayment period extended up to 72 months for greater affordability and enabling a low monthly rental.
  • Replacement of the vehicle purchased using the loan with a newer or different model possible during the repayment period.
  • Insurance, vehicle evaluation and other extra vehicle-related services provided in-house, without the need to consult separate agents or companies.

Payment Methods

Now your Auto Loan payment can be done through PLC Online   , PLC Touch App  ,& CDM networks of People’ bank and SLT-Mobitel mcash , For any clarification please contact 24 hours PLC Customer service. 0112206300.

PLC Auto Loan Hath Vasiya promotion


  • Payment facilities up to 7 years
  • A vehicle for your vehicle at no extra cost
  • Free registration of vehicles
  • A full tank of free fuel
  • Assessment and insurance under one roof
  • An affordable monthly payment scheme
  • Minimum paperwork and service fees 

Leasing facilities up to 90%