PLC Champions Aspirations: Gift of Running Shoes Uplifts CP/W/A Rathnayaka Central College Athletes

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC (PLC) – Sri Lanka’s leading non-banking financial services provider – continues its commitment to social responsibility with a recent project to support the sporting passions and aspirations of rural schoolchildren, leaving a lasting impact on the community. The project involved the donation of spiked running shoes to athletes of the sports academy at CP/W/A Rathnayaka Central College, Menikhinna.

This project was inspired as a result of PLC’s support of Ms. Tharushi Senarathna, the accomplished female athlete who recently brought pride to Sri Lanka by winning a gold medal in the Women’s 800m at the Asian Games. As an alumna of CP/W/A Rathnayaka Central College, Ms. Senarathna’s success exemplifies the school’s commitment to producing high-achieving athletes.

In fact, the athletes at CP/W/A Rathnayaka Central College have consistently demonstrated excellence by securing victories in all-island school competitions and earning numerous medals at national-level athletic events. Recognizing the dedication and talent of these students, PLC undertook this initiative to provide much-needed running shoes to the athletes.

As communicated by the Principal of CP/W/A Rathnayaka Central College, where a dynamic group of over 70 students actively engages in athletics, PLC, has extended its support to a selected group of deserving athletes, identified for their commitment and talent, now have the essential athletic gear required to pursue and excel in their passion for sports. PLC, through this strategic collaboration, continues to demonstrate its commitment to nurturing and empowering talented individuals within the community, contributing to the development of aspiring athletes.

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CEO and General Manager, Mr. Shamindra Marcelline commented saying, “At PLC, we believe in helping people; no matter who they are, we want to support people and take a risk on their behalf so they can shine as stars and bring glory to themselves and the country. This social upliftment project thus reflects our dedication to empowering the younger generation, fostering talent, and contributing to their holistic development. We are proud to support the athletes of CP/W/A Rathnayaka Central College and contribute to their educational journey. We wish them all the very best and hope to see some rising stars in the future. Furthermore, we are also willing to provide up to three employment opportunities for students from the school, annually. This opportunity is open to promising students, providing them the benefit to chase their aspirations in sports and pursue a fulfilling career to secure financial support.

Athletes face an increased risk of injuries, some with the potential for permanent or partial disability, impacting both their performance and income. Recognizing these challenges, PLC has offered Ms. Tharushi Senarathna a complimentary and comprehensive disability insurance plan, valid for the next 10 years. This coverage ensures that in the event of any incidents occurring within the next decade, she retains the ability to make a claim. Additionally, PLC is providing internal employment opportunities to contribute to securing her financial stability while she continues to pursue her sports career. Such initiatives, aligned with broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and goals, underscore PLC’s commitment to responsible corporate practices, positively influencing the future generations of Sri Lanka.

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC, a licensed non-banking financial institution in Sri Lanka, is renowned for its innovation and unwavering commitment to providing tailored financial solutions. With a solid foundation, a diverse product portfolio, and a commitment to excellence, PLC has emerged as a leader in the financial services sector. As a subsidiary of People’s Bank, PLC continues to strengthen its position as a trusted and respected provider of financial services, fostering growth and prosperity for the people of Sri Lanka.