People’s Leasing Tissamaharma branch promotes Home Gardening among customers

Tissamaharama branch of People’s Leasing and Finance PLC (People’s Leasing) initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project to promote home gardening among customers. Guided by the Regional Office and ably led by the Branch Manager, the team distributed 500 tomato and chili saplings among their pre- identified loyal customers who are interested in home gardening.

Fifteen staff members not only volunteered 109 hours of their invaluable time but also financially contributed towards the successful implementation of the project.  “Sri Lanka is in an economic crisis and added to this is the anticipated global food crisis. Therefore, we initiated this CSR project to encourage our most valued customers towards home gardening. We hope that these beneficiary customers will seriously consider home gardening as a means of providing a continuous supply of organic food for their home consumption and expand their home gardens with more varieties in the time to come.” said Maduka Nalin, Branch Manager of Tissamaharama Branch.

People’s Leasing is a trusted Non-Bank Financial Institution in Sri Lanka and it is the flagship subsidiary of the state owned People’s Bank, which is one of the largest state is owned banks in the country. People’s Leasing commenced business operations in 1996 as a specialised leasing company. The company was listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange in 2011. Today, People’s Leasing has grown to become a diversified non-bank financial powerhouse with six subsidiary companies including an overseas venture in Bangladesh.

Maduka Nalin, Branch Manager of Tissamaharama Branch (center) presenting chili sapling to a loyal customer and his daughter (left) while E. A. S. Lakminda, Deputy Branch Manager of Tissamaharama Branch and Pradeep Chandrasena, Cash Officer of Tissamaharama Branch look on.