People’s Leasing – Highest Rated Financial Services Provider in Sri Lanka.-Brands Annual 2021

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC is the Highest Rated Financial Services Provider in Sri Lanka as per the LMD’s Brands Annual publication for the year 2021, published by Media Services with Brand Finance, the LMD Brands Annual profiles Sri Lanka’s leading brands through a comprehensive analysis of its performance and achievements.

In addition to that People’s Leasing & Finance PLC has been ranked No 1 in ‘Most Loved Brands’ in the country in Leasing .

Brand Finance Index rates most valuable and strongest brands in Sri Lanka in LMD’s Brands Annual Magazine. Brand Finance Lanka is the pioneering brand valuation firm in Sri Lanka released Brands annually.

Brand Finance Lanka has done brand ratings on People’s Leasing, taking into consideration the company’s achievement of brand value of 8.132 billion LKR and its AA credit ratings in 2021.

The 100 Most Valuable and Strongest Brands are determined by the data collected by an independent marketing research company and with the finance and non-finance information on listed companies publicized by the Colombo Stock Exchange.

Brand Finance Lanka that probes into finding values and robustness of Sri Lankan brands has its head office in London which has presence via a network of branches in many countries including Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s pioneering state-owned Financial Institution, People’s Leasing & Finance PLC (PLC), celebrates its 25th anniversary also on 31st May.