Islamic Financing Products

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Islamic Financing Products

Ijarah ( Leasing)

This is a product which allows the PLC -AIF to purchase an item on behalf of a customer, who then leases the item over a specific period by paying a rental. Ownership of the item remains with the service provider (PLC-AIF) throughout the lease period, while the customer has the right to use the item. Upon end of the agreed rental period, the ownership of the item is transferred as a gift to the customer.


  • Competitive Rentals
  • Variable Rate
  • Re payment Period Up to 7 Years
  • Suitable for Registered & Unregistered Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment
  • Capital part settlement Option


Musharakah is a contract of partnership between the customer and the PLC-AIF unit which facilitates financing and management of Shari’ah compliant project.

  • Purchase of Vehicle,Property & Machinery
  • Working Capital requirements
  • Capital part settlement option

Wadiah ( Gold Safe Keeping Facility )

Wadi’ah Gold Safekeeping Facility of PLC offers a convenient solution to financially distressed people by pledging the gold safe keeping certificate during their times of need.

Key Features:

  • Convenient repayment periods (10 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days 180 Days, 365 Days).
  • Minimum charges for safekeeping – Daily calculation.
  • Cash advance with Zero profit rate added.
  • Free Takaful Insurance cover for Gold articles.
  • Payment through People’s Bank CDM.
  • Availability of Outside Settlements.


Our Vision

To be legendary in the Islamic financial service scene as a provider of customer-friendly, creative and innovative total solution.


Core Values

Economic viability, environmental responsibility and social accountability.



Dedicated value added customer service to accomplish organisational service excellence whilst maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Culture of the AIF Unit

Al-Safa Islamic Financial Services Unit of PLC is also has the same culture of the Company. Thus it always ensures the compliance with all rules and regulations prescribed to Islamic Business. Also customer centricity is a key visible aspect in everything undertaken by the AIF Unit. Unity in diversity is another key aspect that can be observed in the culture of the AIF Unit where they closely work with other employees.