Islamic Facilities


The Ijarah product is our leasing counterpart that allows the lease of an article for a specified permissible benefit. This benefit is given to our customers in the form of a usufruct for a specified period in return for a specified consideration or in the form of hiring a person’s specified service for a specified consideration. We undertake the transfer the ownership of the item to the customer once the agreed payments of the Ijarah Contract have been fulfilled.


Murabaha / Trading Murabaha is a Shari’ah compliant product that provides short to medium term financing for the purchase of goods /assets. This refers to sale of a vehicle/ commodity with disclosure of the cost and defining and agreeing on a profit.


Musharakah is a profit and loss sharing contract based on a partnership in which parties contribute to the financing and management of a Shari’ah compliant project. 


Wakalah is a financing arrangement where the financier (Muwakkil) invests an amount of money in the customer’s business and appoints the customer as an agent (Wakil) to run the business at a pre agreed profit rate.