Working Environment


PLC's HR policy ensures that people who will contribute positively to the Company's mission, vision and objectives are selected, trained, motivated, retained and adequately rewarded. All employees align their behaviour to achieve company goals.


Employment policies are based on equality and diversity. We believe that eliminating discrimination in the workplace improves productivity and performance, allowing talents to be effectively utilised. Thus, we are committed to eliminating discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, transgender, religious beliefs, disability, age, or any other basis. The branch managers and divisional heads are responsible for actively promoting equal opportunity and ensuring a zero tolerance approach to discrimination.


The policy ensures that employees are treated fairly and their contributions to the Company's success are recognised and appreciated. This is done by periodically reviewing performance and rewarding employees appropriately.

Recruitment and Selection

PLC follows best practice guidelines in the recruitment and selection of staff and aims to be considered an employer of choice. Developed by the HR Department and vacancy review panel, our recruitment, selection and training procedures ensure that the best candidates are selected through a fair and appropriate selection process. Our policy is to recruit on merit, regardless of sex, race, disability, political affiliation or religion. Wherever possible, existing employees will have the opportunity to apply for promotions.
All newly appointed employees will be integrated into their new role through a structured and supervised induction program, and therefore given appropriate support and guidance until they are fully competent to perform their role.

Minimum qualifications required to join PLC:

  • GCE O/L with credit pass in Mathematics and English at first sitting and three passes in GCE A/L are compulsory
  • Additionally, industry/field experience, professional qualifications and the ability to speak and write in English are also considered



Training and development

PLC recognises that its people are the most valuable assets to our future success. Through performance management processes, the Company aims to ensure that all employees know what is expected of them and possess the necessary skills, knowledge, values and experience to achieve optimal performance.


All employees must acquire new skills, knowledge and competencies to meet the changing requirements of their current and future assignments, for career development and to be proactive in meeting the challenges posed by an ever changing environment. It is PLC's policy to invest in relevant forums, training and workshops for staff to obtain and maintain the skills and knowledge needed to accomplish PLC's mission, vision and objectives.


Based on individual and organisational requirements, systematic orientation programs and training will be given to new recruits. Annual performance appraisals are used to identify training needs on an individual basis. Suitable employees can obtain higher educational reimbursement schemes, professional membership reimbursements, as well as external and foreign training.


External training opportunities enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of PLC staff. Leadership development, managerial skills, presentation skills, coaching and mentoring approaches are used.


Performance based culture

PLC has its own advanced incentive scheme to build employee motivation for greater efficiency and output. We believe that fixed remuneration does not motivate employees. PLC is popular as a higher salary payer in the industry.


Sri Lankan labour laws require employees to work 45 hours per a week. At PLC, this comprises five 8-hour weekdays and 5 hours on Saturdays.