CONSERVE Environment


Being a tropical island, Sri Lanka is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts including global warming which contribute towards increase in sea levels. Emissions being one of the key contributors for climate change, and PLC being indirectly responsible for the same through lending of vehicles, the company strives to conserve environment to neutralize the effects.


BUILD Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy


Small and medium entrepreneurs are the bed rock of our business model. PLC considers long term relationships with our entrepreneurial customers as important and is eager to help them realize their dreams and thereby increase their quality of life. Educating them on managing their finances including savings, providing them with knowledge on improving their business, marketing, costing, stock controlling and buying are all components of the entrepreneurship and financial literacy building initiative of PLC.


UPLIFT Education


Recognizing the significance for social progress, and having a savings product in its portfolio, PLC strives to place a higher level of support for education related social responsibility initiatives to improve the quality of education and advocate responsible citizenship which has immense power to change the status quo of the country in the long term.


PROMOTE Road Discipline


As a natural extension and complementing the core operations of PLC, the initiatives and projects aimed at advocating road safety in the midst of the country's surging road accidents assume a greater significance for the Company being in the core business of leasing vehicles. These initiatives have the capacity to reach the Company's goals in social responsibility whilst seamlessly reinforcing PLC brand as a responsible one amongst the public.



SUPPORT Community Priorities


The Company continues to support community in the areas where gaps exist involving the stakeholders involved in infrastructure and healthcare initiatives, with a special attention on differently abled, children and elderly community to enhance the quality of life of community and contribute towards the national development at large.