The Loan Portfolio of People's Leasing & Finance PLC includes Mortgage Loans, Pledge Loans Motor Loans, Loans against Deposits and term loans catering to different segments of customers. Personal Loans (Quick Cash Loans) given to eligible employees who work at any organization acceptable to the company. Loans amounting five to ten times of the gross salary received by these eligible employees are made available under this product.


  • Pledge



  • Quick Cash


A loan amounting to 5- 10 times that of the salary received by individuals working at any one of a specific list of companies approved by People's Leasing & Finance is made available under this product.



  • Mortgage Loans, Motor Loans and Term Loans


These loans are designed to cater to different segments of customers whose financial requirements and circumstances are varied. These loans are provided at attractive rates when compared to other players in the industry.



  • Public Deposits


People's Leasing & FinancePLC is a licensed finance company to mobilize public deposits in Sri Lanka by the Central bank of Sri Lanka. We offer several types of deposits schemes to suit different segments in the society which include children, students, employees, professionals, businessmen, women, senior citizens, migrant workers, enterprises, NGOs, charities, and other organizations. Each product is designed to cater to the varied requirements of the customer



  • Biz Loans