Whether your motivation is affordability, tax benefits or the excitement of driving your dream car, take advantage of our attractive terms and tailor-made services. You can also make use of the additional services we provide, including vehicle registration, valuation and insurance.


  • Leasing
  • Hire Purchase

PLC General Leasing
The General Leasing division concentrates on Finance Leases, Operating Leases and Hire purchases.

We provide leasing facilities to individuals and corporate bodies who value leases for tax benefits. A range of lease structures are available that offer maximum benefits and maintain the cash flow. The structured leases are Step Up, Balloon and Residual Value.

PLC does not charge for extra preparing lease facilities. All you have to spend on is the down payment, insurance cost and RMV transfer charges (for registered vehicles only), which are compulsory at any leasing company.


PLC Corporate Leasing


At the Corporate Leasing Unit, we seek to satisfy corporate financial requirements of corporate establishments, semi-corporate organisations, professionals and high net worth individuals.


Our products are:

  • Operating and Semi Operating leases - for corporate and semi corporate organisations
  • PLC Fleet Management
  • Residual and Structured leases - for Corporate Executives/Managers
  • The Ijarah scheme based on the principles of Islamic Sharia law - for the Muslim business community

PLC Plantation Leasing

For the first time in history, PLC has established a division to specially cater to the financial needs of stakeholders in the Plantation Sector. This division is geared to provide any kind of financial instrument to the varied industries within the plantation sector and their related services. Our services include financial instruments for both capital goods introduction and working capital purposes.

PLC Motor Bike and Three Wheeler Leasing

PLC has a dedicated unit solely for three wheeler and motorcycle leases. David Pieris Company, Sri Lanka's agent for Bajaj three wheelers, provides our customers with speedy and undisturbed service.

The division's interest rates are fixed and in line with branch rates, ensuring that rentals quoted by branches and the division are exactly the same. We also provide leasing facilities for registered three wheelers, for those who are unable to purchase a brand new three wheeler.

The minimum down payment for these facilities is just LKR 50,000/- while the maximum lease period for a three wheeler is 36 months. The number of guarantors depends on the repayment capacity and the background of the customer. We also provide the opportunity to insure the vehicle with your preferred insurer through PLC.