1. What is the Company's financial strength?
PLC recorded an after tax profit of LKR 1.2 Bn for the year 2009/10 with an asset base of LKR 32.9 Bn. We have been the market leader in the industry for nearly a decade. Please view our annual report for more details.

2. What is the Company's liquidity?
PLC is highly liquid with long term and short term credit facilities from almost all leading established banks. Further, the giant strength of People's Bank is a major plus in maintaining the company's liquidity. It is our priority to ensure that our dues are settled on time, if not early, and PLC possesses one of the best repayment records in the market.

3. Who makes up the Company's management?
PLC's management is headed by the People's Bank Chairman, and the Board of Directors comprises versatile individuals in the financial services arena. The operational management is comprised of a mix of financial service experts with proven track records in different spheres of operation. Thus, we possess a very sound and professional base of knowledge and experience.

4. What are the Company's performance ratios?
PLC leads the industry in almost all performance measures, with the competition falling far behind PLC averages. Please view our annual report for more details.

5. Where does PLC invest?
PLC's borrowings are invested mainly in granting (principally lease and hire purchase). We also invest in our subsidiaries and in expanding our current operation levels. This has brought tremendous benefit to PLC as a group of companies. We hardly invest outside of the company and ensure that the benefits of the borrowed funds are used solely for the Company's future growth.

Promissory Notes
PLC affords investors the opportunity to invest with us by way of promissory notes. A promissory note is a written, dated and signed note promising payment of a definite sum of money either on demand or at a specified future date.


1. How safe is PLC for investments?
PLC, being a fully owned subsidiary of People's Bank, is virtually a government backed institute and hence one of the safest places to invest.

2. How soon can I withdraw funds?
Due to PLC's very strong liquidity position, customers can enjoy the luxury of withdrawing funds on demand.

3. Do you send customer information to the Inland Revenue?
As the promissory notes are liable for Withholding Tax (WHT), customers will not be subject to Income Tax for any amount of interest earned.

4. Can I use People's Bank to deposit funds with PLC?
Yes, customers can use the widespread People's Bank network to deposit funds with PLC.

5. Would the offered rates change with market changes?
The offered rates would not change for existing investments but would reflect in new investments and renewals.

6. Can I take loans against the investment?
Yes, customers can obtain loans of up to 90% of the deposit value in the case of maturity deposits and up to 80% in the case of monthly interest withdrawal deposits. These loans would be restricted to the deposit period and could be renewed with the deposit renewal.

7. Can I make balance confirmations to third parties (embassies, professional/statutory bodies, etc.)?

Yes, upon customer request in writing.

8. Are there any early withdrawal procedures?

Premature withdrawals would also be honoured on demand but would be subject to a penal rate criterion.

9. Can I transfer funds (capital or interest) to accounts which are not People's Bank accounts?

Yes, upon customer request (as per the withdrawal instructions on the application/written request).