PLC Petrol Peraliya


“People’s Leasing Petrol Peraliya” – Rewarding the customers with
An annual fuel allowance of Rs. 100,000/-

  1. Eligible Customers

      • All customers obtaining new leasing and auto loan facilities are Eligible for “People’s Leasing Petrol Peraliya”.
  2. Number of Winners

      • Every month lucky 25 customers will get selected for this petrol rewarding scheme starting from July 2019. People’s Leasing will reward the winners with fuel worth of Rs. 100,000/- Absolutely free.
      • The winners will be selected via electronic drawing system every month.
  3. Rewarding the winners

    • The winners will be rewarded by crediting a monthly allowance of Rs. 8,333/- to their respective savings accounts for 12 months.


*** Facilities granted against three wheelers, facilities which are rescheduled or transferred will not be entitled for this scheme.



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